What are your options for customising this package?

Our Entrepreneur websites are built using ‘Sections’ as building blocks. This allows us to keep prices low for our clients while allowing for vast customisation so no site looks the same. 

For each content area on your site, you have the space for 5 sections.

Currently there are 4 different types of sections to choose from:

  • Simple Content – This section is an example of that.
  • Image on the left, content on the right.
  • Content on the left, image on the right.
  • Gallery.

Each section area can be customised in different ways.

  • You choice of type of Section.
  • Show/Hide a ‘Header’ for the section.
  • Your copy for the section.
  • Your image for the section. (If section includes an image).
  • Your gallery content for the section (If gallery section, choose which specific posts you want shown).
  • Your choice of font colour for the Section Header.
  • Your choice of font colour for the Section Content.
  • Your choice of Background Colour.
  • Your choice of Background Image.

On top of this the site has global properties that you can customise.

  • Fonts for your Website Heading, Website Sub-Heading, Content Headings and Content (your choice of 4 different fonts in total).
  • Either an Image, Video or Single Colour for your Home Screen background.
  • Either a full height or half height Home Screen.
  • Enable or disable the Contact Bar beneath the Home Screen.
  • Enable or disable the Map at the bottom of the Home Page.
  • Enable or disable the About page.
  • Enable or disable the Contact page.
  • Enable or disable the title on each page.

With all these options available to you to customise your website you should have no trouble making it your own.

Below are some examples of these sections.

Content on the left (top), image on the right (bottom).

While you could include images into a simple content section – the same as you would import an image into a Microsoft Word document – because a webpage can be viewed by completely different sized devices, it could lead to your page not showing correctly.

Image on the left (top), content on the right(bottom).

These sections have been specifically designed to be responsive to phones and tablets. If the screen gets to small, the image becomes full width and the text sits on top or underneath (depending which side the text is sitting when viewed on larger screens).


The last type of section is a Gallery. Images are displayed in order of most recent to least recent. You can choose how many images you want displayed and how many columns to display them in. You can also link your Instagram to your website so that your gallery automatically updates every time you post a new photo. Again, the gallery is responsive so viewing it on mobiles will show images at full width across the screen, one on top of each other.


Gallery Images - Same Height

Gallery Images - Original Height